The history of “BELINTOURIST” started with the establishment of the agency “Intourist” in Minsk in July 26, 1955. Since the day of formation the enterprise has the leading position in the tourist industry of the country.

The Republican unitary tourist enterprise “Belintourist” is the main tour operator in the Republic of Belarus. This organization is included in the structure of The Administrative department of the President of the Republic of Belarus. There are four regional representatives in this structure, the representatives of Gomel, Vitebsk, Grodno and Mogilev. They are the solitary structural subdivisions which have their own balance and settlement accounts (except rate of exchange). The enterprise gives its partners and clients entire spectrum of tourist service both in Belarus and abroad. Moreover it realizes intentions and interests of any traveler or tourist who wants to visit our magnificent country, have a rest beyond the bounds of it and look at Belarus from another new side.  The services of “Belintourist” meet the basic international standards: functional and ergonomic (hospitality, convenience and comfort), aesthetic and economic (reasonable price).

Great experience helps us to pay attention to every trifle, which can turn out to be important for the enterprise. Stable demand for tourist product is the result of constant work on expansion and renovation of spectrum of tourist service and on finding new business partners and clients. Great number of awards and certificates is the evidence of high image of the organization. Besides tourist trips there are many other services such as tickets for a group tour on credit, motor transport rent, insurance, sale of rail and air tickets. We also organize advertising-informational tours. If you want you can ask for a tour guide or a guide-translator.

According to the company rules objects and subjects of “Belintourist” are the following:

The objects of the work of “Belintourist” are to promote implementation of state programs in the sphere of the development of tourism in the Republic of Belarus, to serve the needs of the population for tourist service, to assure high quality of service, and to get a profit for economic and social interests of the Enterprise.

The subject of the work of “Belintourist” is to serve the needs of the citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreigners for tourist service, organization of rest, journeys and recovery of the population.

The personnel policy of “Belintourist” directs to the provision of high-performance and stable work of the enterprise, its dynamic and social development, creation of pleasant atmosphere in the collective, making an effective selection, arrangement and realization of working potential of the personnel according to their professional qualities.

National Tour Operator can organize interesting meetings and rest, help you to spend time with pleasure and enjoy the unique nature of our country. We guarantee high quality of service, comfort and hospitality. Both VIP-clients and just travelling-lovers can prove this fact. “Belintourist” is one of the most well-known brands in the market of the Republic of Belarus; it is a standard of stability and reliability.