You will not find this small Belorussian village on any of the most detailed geographic maps today. It was destroyed by fascists in March 22, 1943.
Khatyn, a former village in Logoysk region of Minsk area in Belarus, has become a symbol of the tragedy of the Belorussian people, a mournful page in the history of the Great Patriotic War. It was burned to the ground with all the inhabitants (149 people, including 75 children under age were burned alive. The youngest baby was only 7 weeks old.)
The memorial complex which embodies the idea of courage and rebelliousness of the people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the victory was constructed at the place of the destroyed village of Khatyn in 1969. It commemorates all the people (2 230 000 Belarusians) who perished in the war.

A great emotional effect is achieved by harmonic unanimity with the nature, sound accompaniment, the perfection of architecture and plasticity.

The only sculpture of the Khatyn memorial complex is "The Unconquered Man". In the figure of this man the creators of the sculpture commemorated people’s feat. He carries his atrociously killed son, but at the same time he doesn’t bow down before the invaders. So in the elements of the memorial complex there is not only the feel of sorrow but the pride in courage and firmness of Belarusian people.


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