Kossovo  is a small town in the Ivasevichy Area in the Brest Region of Belarus. It is the center of historical, cultural and architectural heritage. This place is notable for its castle and a replica of Tadeush Kostcyushko’s house.

The building of the Puslovsky Castle began in 1830. Nowadays it is the only architectural monument on the territory of Belarus which can be refered to the so called “regular” palaces. It has symmetrical composition and regular form. There were 130 rooms and each of them was unique.  Around the castle there was a garden which also was indescribable. More than 150 species of exotics were planted there. Moreover some wonderful fountains, many sculptures and a greenhouse were situated in the garden.

 During the World War I a rare collection of manuscripts, some sculptures, pictures and jewelry disappeared. The garden and greenhouse were destroyed. During the Great Patriotic War the castle was ruined. Fortunately it wasn’t totally ruined and even today we can have a look at this unforgettable castle.

Tadeush Kostcyushko’s house is another notable sight of Kossovo. Tadeush Kostyushko is a famous Belarusian leader of national-liberation rebellion (1794), national hero of the USA and Poland, an honourable citizen of France. He lived just near Kossovo village. Unfortunately during the wars his house was burned. Later designers managed to make a replica of the house. Many tourists come to this place in order to see where the national hero lived.

In Kossovo you can also find other historical monuments which will surprise you with their architecture and basic idea, among them are the Troinsky Catholic Church (1877), the St. Antony Church, the catholic chapel and others. 



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