Welcome to the township of Mir and its very heart – the Mir Castle Ensemble. It is situated in Grodno region 100 km from Minsk. The history of the Mir Castle Ensemble dates back to the XVI century. The architectural image of the castle has been changed more than once as well as the owners. During centuries the Mir Castle has suffered from numerous battles. The most damage was inflicted during the Northern War (1705) when the Castle was assaulted and burned by the Swedes and one of the towers was blasted. It was the Second World War that filled in another tragic page in the history of the castle. For about a year during the war the castle served as a ghetto and more than a thousand people were killed in torture chambers.

The Mir Castle Ensemble is unique. The mysticism of the stone and charming beauty of nature is brought together there. The building is elegant and unusually light thanks to different shape and size decorative recesses, ornamental belts that take turn one after another. This technique was widely used by architects of the XVI century. There are no constructions similar to the Mir Castle in Baltic countries as well as in Poland and Russia.

The colour of the medieval town is completed by a small hotel “Mir” for 25 tourists. Comfortable rooms of the hotel always impress tourists. Cordial welcome and unobtrusive service typical for the Belarusian nation will surprise everybody. Besides, there are cafes, bars and other catering facilities in the town of Mir.

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