Nesvizh is situated 110 km from Minsk and 30 km from Mir. For the first time Nesvizh is mentioned in chronicles in the XIII century. Since the XV century till the year 1939 it was in possession of the Radzivils.

Nesvizh is notable for its castle. The construction of the castle began under the direction of Nicolay Radzivil “Chorny”. The first record of this building dates back to the year 1551.  However the construction was really finished under the reign of Nicola Radzivil “Sirotka”. Erection of the castle was under the direction of a famous Italian architect Giovanni Bernardoni. He shaped the castle like pomp and a magnificent palace. Numerous wars did not pass Nesvizh. In 1706 during the Northern War the castle was assaulted and plundered by the Swedes. In 1812 the owner (Nesvizh Domonik Ieronim Radzivil) was on the side of the French army and later had to escape leaving his family estate to be devastated.

Once the Nesvizh Castle counted 365 rooms as the number of days in a year. The most beautiful halls were called Royal, Golden, Marble, Armory room. From all sides the castle was defended by ramparts and bastions as well as by the system of artificial lakes and the Usha river that had formed an island. Today the artificial reservoirs became shallow and have partially dried out. 

Today Nesvizh is being reconstructed after the fire that happened in 2002. At the same time there are archeological excavations performed. Visitors can already see fortifications in a creeping barrage. Acoording to the archeologists this is only a small part of what is really hidden under the base of the palace. This reconstruction is expected to be completely finished by 2010. In 2005 the architectural and cultural ensemble was included into the UNESCO World Heritage list.  

The ancient Nesvizh enjoys receiving guests. In the town center a two-storied hotel “Nesvizh” is situated. You can stay either in a first class or in a standard single or double room. The hotel works 24 hours a day and offers you restaurant facilities as well. In the town there are also cafes, bars and restaurants.

The Farny (Parish) Catholi Church constructed in 1593 is unique in its own way. Stocky with chubby lines and glided statues of the Saints in niches it cannot leave anybody untouched, especially the lovers of the antiquities.

Nesvizh is the town that you love at the first glance. That is why it is especially attractive for the people of art. At medieval culture fests the scenes from far gone epochs come alive in knights’ tournaments, dances of beautiful ladies, serious battles and buffoon performances. The “Ancient Nesvizh” festival usually takes place in July and attracts a lot of spectators. Join this fest and you will notice that all the past centuries seem to step aside uncovering the magic world of the Middle Ages.

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