Postavy is situated in Vitebsk region on the Myadel River. In 996 on the place of modern Postavy was settlement which was called Posadnick, its first owner was Danut Zenovich. In 1409 this place got the name Postavy. The prosperity of the town is connected with the name of a famous reformer  and enlightener Antony Tizengauz. At that time in Postavy the first stone buildings and manufactures appeared. In the manufactures they produced officially stamped paper, carpets, ship canvas, fashionable hats and belts as well as stage-coaches. Altogether there were 35 plants.

In 1760 – 1780 in the town  the architectural ensemble in the style of baroque was created (the project of Italian architect Guzeppe Sakko). It was the first stone architectural ensemble in Belarus.

In 1780 the building of the palace in the style of classicism began. At that time a landscape park with botanical gardens, fountains and sculptures was laid out. Later in the palace a chamber orchestra and a ballet school began their work.

In the end of the XIX century near the river the neogothic catholic church of St. Antony Paduansky was built. This church is considered to be the visit card of Postavy. Annually in Postavy the folk music festival is held.

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