Turov is situated in Gomel region, Zhitkovichesky area. It’s one of the most ancient towns on the territory of Belarus. It was first mentioned in historical chronicles in 980. It was the spiritual center of the Turov principality. One of the first diocese of Drevnyaya Rus (AncientRussia) appeared there.

In XI century the most ancient handwritten book on the Belarusian land – “Turov Gospel” – was written.

Since 1320 Turov was a part of Grand Lithuanian Duchy. In 1793 it was a part of Russia. During the Great Patriotic War the town was occupied by fascist.  



In the center of Turov there is an architectural sight – the Temple of All Saints. It’s the monument of wooden architecture of 1810.

The visiting card of the town is Kirill Turovsky monument. The base of the monument is the cross of unusual Byzantine form. The height of the monument is 7 meters.

On Zamkovaya hill on the place of a stone temple which was ruined by the earthquake in 1230, there is a monument “Ancient Turov”.

In the center of the town there is the museum of local lore, where you can get acquainted with the history of Turov and its culture. Citizens of Turov are proud of the squares of the town and a beautiful quay. Moreover Turov is “the capital” of National park “Pripyatsky”.


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