Not far from Minsk (40 km) on a picturesque bank of the river Ptitch there is a museum of material culture “Dudutki”. It is the first and the only museum of applied arts, where past and present are deeply intertwined. In your sight a piece of clay, steel or wood will turn into a wonderful piece of art.

This museum was founded in 1993. For 130 years the estate Dudutki has been the property of Stanislav Elsky. He brought there some craftsmen who taught the local youth their crafts.  Thanks to Elsky this place was the center of cultural life of Belarus. It’s really interesting to feel the atmosphere of the Belarus of 19th century, to get acquainted with rural way of life and find out the secrets of ancient crafts. 

“Belintourist” will be pleased to organize an unforgettable tour to the “Dudutki”.  The program is rich and diverse:

You have a rare chance to visit an ancient and the only working windmill in Belarus. You will see how to process grain into flour.

In the pottery you can not only observe masters’ work, but try to make anything by your hands.

You’ll also see a real blacksmith at work who will give you a lucky horseshoe as a keepsake.

Only in “Dudutki” there is a legal machine for producing samogon (home-brew). And, of course, you’ll have a chance to taste this old traditional alcoholic drink.

Visit a rural bakery, where you can taste hot rye-bread with fresh milk, as well as village butter and cheese.

You can go for a walk to a water-park with its fascinating banks of the River Ptitch

The Ethnographical gallery is also opened for you.

The museum “Dudutki” is opened all the year round.




A new unique tourist complex “Dudinka-city” opens its doors for you. It is situated not far from the capital of Belarus (80 km). It’s a wonderful nook of the virginal nature. While walking along the paths you can meet squirrels, deer or hedgehogs. At the same time original wooden houses are equipped with all necessary facilities for a good rest. In the forest there is a hotel with comfortable rooms, a bungalow for 10 people, a bath-house, a wine-cellar, a restaurant, a bar, rest arbores, special places where you can cook shashlik (kebab). It’s an ideal place both for foreign and Belarusian tourists.

Moreover in “Dudinka” there is its own natural, ecologically clean! farming: greens, vegetables, as well as hens, goats, sheep. Nature-lovers can touch animals and visit a newly opened garden. The complex will be pleased to organize any banquets, birthday parties or wedding ceremonies for you. For this purpose there is a special ground with a covered verandah, a swing and the tree of wishes. If you want to verify whether they come true or not you are welcome to “Dudinka-city”.



Old Belarusian traditions on the farmstead “PRIOZERNAYA”

The farmstead “Priozernaya (near the lake)” in the village Stary Lepel (an old Lepel) is situated 150 km from Minsk. It is one of the most picturesque places of the Lepel area (Vitebsk region). One of the advantages of this farm is its location on the bank of an enormous lake Lepelskoe.

Just imagine…You get up early in the morning, listen to twittering of birds in the garden and loud cock-a-doodle-doo in the yard! And then running down the dew you can dip into the water. While staying on the farm you can go out boating or take a catamaran; you can walk or ride to the forest. If you are an enthusiastic fisherman you should visit lakes of Lepel (there are more than hundred lakes in the area). There you can find such fishes as bream, roach, rudd, perch, ide, tench, zander, eel.

If your wedding is coming it’s possible to organize this marvelous event according to the Belarusian traditions. Elderly women from folklore ensemble know which exactly song helps a newly-married couple to be happy.  Many inhabitants can prove this fact, because people in this area still believe in exorcism and bow to pagan deities near enormous boulders. It’s possible to organize all the calendar holidays (Maslenitsa, Kupalle, etc.) following the ancient ceremonies!

If you want to find out something interesting about the inhabitants and their village you are welcome to the Museum of ancient way of life. A local enthusiast collected various things which were used in every-day life many years ago. You can step into the master’s shoes, be the owner of the farm of XX century. You want to talk to craftsmen or young masters? We’ll help you!  Finally, you can listen to the concerts of authentic songs, local folklore ensemble “Akolica” will be pleased to sing for you. And just for fun you can participate in a ritual game “Zhenitba Tereshki”(Marriage of Tereshka).


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