-cultural life in Minsk

The Belarusian people are notable for their original culture which traces its roots back deep in the past. The Belarusian people have saved up an enormous spiritual wealth reflecting all variety of its intellectual, moral, aesthetic life. The Slutsk belts, a muti-coloured “kafla”, openwork “vycinanka” and wood-carving, creative works of Janka Kupala, Lakub Kolas, Vasil Bykau, painting pieces of Mark Shagal, Kazimir Malevich, Vasily Kandinsky and the Belarusian ballet are well-known features of the Belarusian contribution in the world culture. Belarusians created a unique multi-genre folklore which is considered one of the richest in the Slavic world. Belarusian art crafts are an integral part of the national culture. Craft-works of art made of rod, wood, straw, garments of flax original by its form and constructive idea are made by the Belarusian craftsmen.

One should undoubtedly start learning the Belarusian culture in Minsk because it is the recognized cultural center of the country. There are a great number of museums among which the Belarusian National Museum of History and Culture, the National Art Museum, the Museum of Ancient Art and also an unusual Museum of glacial boulders in Uruchye are the most interesting. These museums are ready to show to visitors their innumerable treasures, unique cultural possessions of the nation. The Belarus State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War tells about horrible and heroic years of the country history.

There are more than 30 theatres in Minsk. Belarusian theatre is a symbiosis of the best traditions and striking innovations. Many performances become a grand event not only in theatrical but also in social life of the country. The well-know theatres of Minsk are the National Academic Theatre of Janka Kupala, and the National Opera and Ballet Theatre, the State Russian Drama Theatre. They are all popular with theatre-goers of Minsk. Little theatre amateurs are welcomed by the Young People’s Theatre and The Puppet Theatre. Numerous festivals, concerts and exhibitions which are held in Minsk are worth of attention of the true connoisseur of art.

One of the main sights of Belarus is the National Library. It is the main information and cultural centre of the country. Its depository collections include 8 million items of different kinds of media.


Recreation and Entertainment

If you want you feel the soul of the city you should plunge into a lure of the city’s attractions and night life. One of the major things which make you stay in Minsk is unforgettable night illumination which is the pride of the citizens and the admiration of tourists. So if you like to feel bubbling life around you are welcome to disco, stadium or concert of youth’s music group. Here you can dance and make new friends (Minsk night clubs are famous for their free atmosphere) and will always find something new and captivating. Original interiors of discos and night clubs will entertain and surprise even the most experienced party-goers.

In Minsk there are some modern shopping centers, the most popular is located under the Independence square. It is the underground shopping center “Stalica”. It has four levels with a total area of 83 thousand square meters. There are some similar underground  centers  in the CIS countries, for example the well-known “Ohotny Ryad” on the Manegnaya square in Moscow and “Globe” in Kiev.

Amusement parks welcome tourists with children. Here little visitors will have a lot of fun from abundance of attractions and entertaining show-programs.



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