Health resort Borovoe surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. There is an artificial lake at 150 m from the health resort, alongside of Berezina Biosphere Reserve, near the village of Begomel that in Vitebsk region.


Health resort Borovoe is at the distance: city Minsk – 110 km.

  • year of foundation – 1973.
  • year-round operation.

      ·  Check-in at: 12:00 check-out at: 10:00.

      ·  area square - 83.0 hectares;

  • security of territory: territory is fenced, guarded by the health resort guard service.


Directions of the treatment — health resort Borovoe:

  • Cardiovascular system diseases and nervous system diseases;
  • Locomotor system diseases;
  • Digestive apparatus diseases;
  • Respiratory  disease;
  • Diseases of the endocrine system;
  • Urogenital system diseases;



  • artificial lake area 3 sq km;
  • beautiful beach with pier;
  • pharmacy, shop;
  • beauty salon and dancing-hall;
  • chldren's grounds and sportground;
  • pull with minerals water(indoor, geysers, underwater massage);
  • a gym and an outdoor tennis court;
  • sauna;
  • billiards, shooting range;
  • a rich library and a cinema with 100 seats;
  • equipped place in nature;
  • The Heals resort has a bar, laundry, parking. In short everything to relieve you of any worries at rest. Social activities are held every day in the health resort.


On the timing of vouchers:

The minimum duration of treatment in the health resort «Borovoe» is 14 days, there is also a voucher for 21 or 28 days.



 The health resort «Borovoe» has excursion office, which offers different excursions. During your stay you can visit:

  • unique Berezina Biosphere Reserve with aviary with animals.
  • the oldest city in Belarus - Polotsk, where you will see the world-famous Sofia’s cathedral;
  • Stroll through the historic sites of the war of 1812 and the Great Patriotic War;
  • you can see ethnic complex «Dudutki», which is a museum of folk arts and crafts of Belarus in the open air.
  • visit the capital of Belarus – Minsk;



All necessary information you can get in BELINTOURIST:

e-mail: incoming@belintourist.by  

tel.: +375 17 226 91 00, +375 17 226 90 56, +375 17 226 99 71

19, Pobediteley Ave.,

Minsk, 220004,

Republic of Belarus.