-ski resorts

Belarusian mountain-skiing center offer a perfect leisure-time for a family or a cheerful group of mates. You can have a wonderful time here and go mountain-skiing, snowboarding and tubing. The most popular mountain-skiing resorts are located just near Minsk. They are the “Silichy” and the “Logoysk” resorts, moreover there is also an Olympic sports complex “Raubichy”.

Artificially made slopes in the “Silichy” resorts are steep enough, with swings up to 100 meters. The corner of a steepnes of slopes allows using them for downhill racing. They also are suitable for professional skiing. Besides mountains and seven ski-lines this mountain-skiing lodge includes a hotel, two restaurants, some small houses for guests, a rental agency of mountain-skiing outfit, cafés, a first-aid post, domestic and household quarters. There is also free car park for 850 cars and a ski-line for promenade.  So you can easily relax and spend your time with great pleasure.



Not far from the city of Logoysk there is a mountain-skiing sport  resort “Logoysk” . It functions according to the European standards of service for mountain-skiing amateurs and snowboarders. The mountain-skiing complex includes six slopes, rental agencies of skiing outfit, a hotel, a restaurant and a car park. However this place is sure to be interesting not only to skiing funs but in general for sport-lovers and people who like active rest, because there you can also find tennis courts, can ride a bike, go boating and fishing, take a catamaran or play beach volleyball. There your dreams come true! 


An Olympic sport complex “Raubichy” is situated in a magnificent place the relief of which was formed by the glacier. Because of its picturesque vicinities this place is called “The Belarusian Switzerland”. A lot of world championships were held there: four world championships for biathlon, world’s cup for cross-country skiing, some laps for freestyle and others. On the territory of the complex you can find many ski-lines, a shooting range, an acrobatic slope for freestyle, ski jumps, a ski-roller line with special pavement, a sports building with two gymnasiums, some tennis-courts, grounds for football and basketball, a medical center. Moreover there are two hotels, two restaurants, bars, 5 saunas and a wonderful museum of folk applied art.


Here you can find everything for active, valuable and unforgettable rest. Don’t lose the opportunity to visit these marvelous places!