“To the Homeland of the President”

Itinerary: Alexandriya village – tourist complex “Lysaya Gora” (a bald hill) – Shklov – Dobreyka village – Popykovichi village – Mogilev – Buynichi village – Byhov.

It is a very interesting tour which helps you to combine water descending or motor ship tour along the river Dnepr with visiting the places concerned with the name of the President of the Republic of Belarus - Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko.

Alexandriya village is a homeland of the president of the Republic of Belarus. There is a school where he studied. In the school building you can find the Museum of Local Lore and the section which tells about our president’s activity and his achievements. Not far from the school tourists can visit the place where A. G. Lukashenko lived. Now in spite of the house there are memorial arbors. There you have a chance to admire magnificent view, go to the well and drink cold crystal-clear water.  Nowadays an agricultural complex (town) is being created there, it will be equipped with modern services and utilities, moreover a sports complex is being built.

Move next to the tourist complex “Lysaya gora”. It is situated on the left bank of the Dnepr River. The height of the hill is 30 meters. This complex includes a restaurant, a sauna, a scenic ground, and some small houses.

Shklov is one of the most beautiful towns of Belarus with the population 16000 people. Tourists can get acquainted with historical buildings and visit the town council, where there is a museum.

Next point is  Dobreyka village. There you’ll visit the monument, which is situated on the place of the first forced crossing of the Dnepr River.

In Popykovichy village tourists will visit the chapel of great martyr St.Paraskevy. It is a special place where thousands of people come to pray to God. The chapel is situated near the curative spring. There is an ancient custom to baptize and consecrate in the basin of this spring. On the territory of the village there is a church which is being restored now.

In Mogilev on the square above the Dnepr a walking tour begins. You have a chance to visit St. Stanislav Catholic Church of the XVIII century and find unique frescos there. Then you can walk along Lenin Street most of the buildings of which are architectural monuments.

On the right bank of the Dnepr River there is Buynichi village.  It is famous for its memorial complex which is called “Buynichskoe Pole” (the field of Buynichi).  There you can also find a zoological gardens and Belarus ethnographical village of the XIX century.

The last point of the tour is Bykov. There are two ancient sights, they are the monumental buildings of the XVII century: the castle of feudal lord and  the synagogue.