Today Roman Catholic believers are second in number after Orthodox Christians. In Belarus, Catholic faiths have spread in Belarus starting from the middle of the 14th cent. During the years of the Soviet rule Roman Catholic Church was considered an ideological enemy. The 90-ties of the 20th century have been beneficial and favourable for Roman Catholics in Belarus, and today there are about 300 catholic churches.
The majority of Roman Catholic churches are wonderful examples of European architecture:
Corpus Dei Church in Nesvizh (16th cent.)
St. Brigitte Church in Grodno (17th cent.)
Bernadine Church in Budslav (18th cent.)
Simeon and Helena Church in Minsk (early 20th cent.)
St. Francis Church and Monastery in Pinsk (16th – 18th cent.)
Sts. Simeon and Helena Catholic Church (early 20th cent.) is the center of religious cultural life and education in the city of Minsk
The Catholic Church in Budslav has been the place of pilgrimage ever since the 16th cent where thousands of the believers arrive to venerate the Icon of Our Lady, patroness of the Belarusian Lands.
In the early 90-ties of 20th century, St. Stanislav Catholic Church of the 18th cent. was re-opened in Mogilev. The church building has one of the most complete 18th cent. fresco compositions. Annually, “Mahutny Bozha” (“God the Almighty”) Religious Music Festival is held here aimed at the Renaissance and enrichment of musical cultures of the people of Europe and at unity of Christians of various denominations.
The Republic of Belarus is the only country in the world where both Orthodox and Catholic Christmas and Easter are National Holidays.


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