"Medieval Jewish and Belarusian Cultures in Combination"


5 days/4 nights.

Day 1

Arrival at  "Minsk-2" International Airport, trans­fer to the chosen hotel, check-in at the hotel

Free time. Dinner.


Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel

Minsk City Tour (founded in 1067) in­cluding the areas of the former ghetto - one of the largest in the former USSR where the Jewish prisoners not only from Belarus but from western European countries were kept, "Yama" memorial dedicated to the Jews killed during World War II, meeting with Minsk Jewish community, visiting Jewish school and Synagogue. Visit to the Museum of the History of World War II with Jewish section.



Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel

Travel to Volozhin (87 km) one of the world centres of Talmud learning of the 19th century. The Yeshiva founded there in 1803 by Khaim Ben Itschak Volozhiner made the city world-famous as representatives of many countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa got their education there. Volozhing city Tour, including the Yeshiva build­ing still having the last-century school image, vis­iting an old Jewish cemetery, meeting with local Jews.

Travel to Vishnevo (23 km), a birthplace of Naum Goldman (b. 1895) - one of the World Jewish Congress founders and of Shimon Peres (b. 1923) - the former Prime-minister of Israel and Nobel Prize Winner.

Travel to Mir - one of the big­gest castle-fortresses of the Eastern Europe, the place known for a famous Yeshiva functioning there from 1617 to 1939. Mir Sightseeing Tour includes the 16th century Mir Castle, a complex of cold and heated synagogues, a Jewish Bank, Jewish shops and dwelling houses, the territory of the Jewish ghetto situated within the territory of Mir Castle.

Travel to Nesvizh (40 km), one of the oldest centers of Medieval culture in Europe where one of the earliest Jewish communities was formed. While visiting the Jewish quarter of Nes­vizh one can see the House in the market - the oldest residential house that survived on the terri­tory of Belarus.

Travel to Slutsk (70 km) founded in 1116. A short excursion around SLUTSK, visiting the Local Museum where one can see famous Slutsk Belts - one of the symbols of Bela­rusian contribution to the world cultural heritage and Jewish places.

Travel to Bobruysk (116 km) "cultural Jewish capital" of Belarus at the beginning of 20th century.

Check-in at the hotel. Dinner



Day 4


Bobruysk City Tour (founded in 1387) the city with  more than  80% of the Jewish population   before   World   War   II   including   the places connected with destinies of 30 famous Jews of Bobruysk, visiting Jewish quarters, buildings of 10 Synagogues and of the Yeshiva building, the memorable place of Bobruysk ghetto and a Jewish cemetery. (Optional) visit to the private "Rupkin Gallery". Transfer to Minsk (149 km).

Check-in at the hotel. Dinner



Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel

Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to the “Minsk-2” International Airport for the departure flight.