Minsk – Berezinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve – Minsk

Berezinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve was established in 1925 for the protection of rare animal species. It is situated in the northern part of Belarus 120 km from Minsk. Its total area is 82 000 hectares. In 1979, Berezinsky Reserve received the status of a biosphere reserve. It has been included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves World Network. Because of its biological diversity and unique combinations of natural conditions, the reserve is very important not only for Belarus but also for Europe. There are four types of ecological systems at the Reserve: forests, bogs, water reservoirs and meadows. Woodland makes up around 80% of the Reserve’s territory. Special significance is paid to indigenous natural formations of pine, black alder and fluffy birchen marsh forests existing as huge marsh lands with an area of 10 000-20 000 hectares. The reserve’s natural bogs make up 43 000 hectares and are some of Europe’s biggest marshes.

The main water artery of the reserve is River Berezina (110 km inside the reserve) which has more than 50 small tributaries. There are also plenty of lakes, for example Palik (712 ha), Plavno (332 ha), Domzheritskoye (191 ha), Manets (113 ha), Postrezhskoye (40 ha), Moskovitsa (16 ha). The total area of the water reservoirs is more than 2 000 ha.

Among inhabitants of the reserve are various species of plants and animals many of which are listed in the Red Book (Belarus’ list of endangered species). More than half of the representatives of Belarusian flora can be found here: 768 species of vascular plants, 218 species of moss, 198 species of lichen and 463 species of fungi. The main kinds of trees are birch, alder, aspen, oak and ash. There are more than 50 mammal species (badger, elk, otter, bear, lynx, beaver, zubr); 230 birds species (osprey, black stork, grey crane, golden eagle, erne, eagle owl, peregrine, ptarmigan, woodpecker, plover); 10 amphibian species, 5 reptile species and 34 kinds of fish. The onsite nature museum’s 50 year collection puts on display about 300 kinds of animals.


Minsk – Berezinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve – Minsk

6 days/ 5 nights

Day 1

Arrival at “Minsk-2” International Airport. Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance. Check-in at the 3-star hotel in the centre of the city. Meeting with “Belintourist” Management. Souvenirs. Spare time. Dinner


Day 2


Sightseeing tour of Minsk including architectural, historical and cultural monuments of the 17th – 18th century’s historic part of the city – Trinity Suburb

Visit to the Museum of Stones (boulders) – natural memorial featuring different kinds of stones typical of Belarus regions.

Visit to the Museum of Country Architecture And Life on the open air in Strochitsy (18 km from Minsk) displaying the original pieces of rural architecture from various regions of Belarus as well as numerous domestic utensils, articles of applied arts and agricultural implements used by the rural population in the past

Dinner. Evening entertaining program: Belarusian ballet, opera performance, philharmonic society, circus etc.


Day 3


Departure for the Berezinsky Biosphere Nature Reserve (BBNR) (120 km from Minsk; located in the Northern part of Belarus, a 20 km wide strip of land stretching for more than 60 km from the source of the Berezina river to Palik Lake. Boundless forests, fairyland swamps, deep rivers and lakes have existed here for thousand years following the laws of their own, and protecting the gorgeous world of animals and plants). On the way to BBNR visit to the Folk Arts and Crafts Museum in Raubichy (22 km from Minsk, the museum presents national costumes, weaving, pottery, wood-carving, straw weaving, wicker works). This tour can be combined with a visit to Khatyn Memorial (60 km) built on the site of Belarusian village burnt down together with its 149 inhabitants including 45 children in 1943 during the Nazi occupation of Belarus Arrival at BBNR.

Check-in at 4-star hotel in Domzheritsy (single–, double-. deluxe–rooms). Lunch. Walking tour of the picturesque bank of Plavno Lake (it is a unique lake – rivers of the Black and the Baltic Seas flow out of it in different directions).

Sauna. Dinner (European and National cuisine). Disco. Bar.


Day 4


Visit to the Museum of Nature. Walking tour of the territory of BBNR including visit to the open-air cages with wild animals. Special activities – observation of wild animals and birds from special places is organized for the amateurs of photo safari. Spare time. Rest on the bank of the lake or of the river, water-skiing, boating, horseback riding, and fishing.

Dinner. Entertaining program.


Day 5

Breakfast. Water routes along the ancient way “from Varangians to Greeks”

Picnic on the scenic bank of the lake. “ukha” (fish soup), “shashlik” (kebab) including. Spare time: rest and bathing, water-skiing, boating, etc.; special activities – observation of wild animals and birds from special places is organized for the amateurs of photo safari.

Dinner. Disco (or sauna).


Day 6

Breakfast. Departure for “Minsk-2” International Airport