Minsk – Krevo – Lida – Novogrudok – Minsk

Day 1.

Arrival at "Minsk-2" International Airport, transfer to the chosen hotel, check-in at the hotel. Free time.

Minsk sightseeing tour visiting the place, where the city was born (the 11th century), the Upper town (16th – 18th centuries) with the Russian Orthodox Holy Ghost Cathedral and St Joseph Roman Catholic Church, the Trinity suburb (19th century); Isle of Tears, Independence Square (20th century) with its Government Building (1929 - 1933) and Red Roman Catholic Church of the early 20th century and others.Dinner at the restaurant with national cuisine. Free time.



Day 2.


Travel to a small village of Krevo (116 km) famous for its Castle built in the first half of the 14th century, the patrimony of Olgerd and Jagaylo, great Princes of the Grand Duchy Of Lithuania (the 13th - 18th centuries).

Transfer to Lida (founded in the 13th century). The tour includes the Castle of Lida (defensive architecture of the 14th - 15th centuries) combining features of Roman architecture and early Gothic. Nowadays, there are only some defensive walls and towers are left (under restoration) there.

Travel to Novogrudok (54 km). The town is founded in 1044. Novogrudok sightseeing tour including ruins of the Fortress of Novogrudok - an ancient monument of Belarusian defensive architecture (the end of the 13th - the beginning of the 14th centuries).The town was the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1240).

Dinner (Belarusian National cuisine).



Day 3.

Breakfast at the hotel

Check-out from the hotel

Transfer to the “Minsk-2” International  Airport for your departure flight