Minsk – National Park “Braslav Lakes” – Minsk

“Braslav Lakes” National Park is situated in the north-west of the country, 250 km from Minsk and near to the border with Lithuania and Latvia. Its territory occupies more than 69 000 hectares, of which 2 581 have been designated as a reserve. The national park is based on the series of connected, large and small Braslav Lakes, 61 in total with an area of 12 701 hectares. The biggest lakes are Drivuaty, Snudy, Strusto, Voiso, Volos Severny (Volos Northern), Nedrovo, Berezha, Daubli, Potekh. The second largest island in Belarus – Chaichin (1,6 sq km) – is situated in the middle of Lake Strusto. The island itself also has a reservoir, a very small lake, in the centre. Volos Yuzhny (Volos Southern) Lake is the deepest in the park with a maximum depth of 40.4 metres. The lake is famous for its amazingly clear water (transparent down to 7 m).

There are many archaeological, historical and cultural monuments in “Braslav Lakes” National Park. In the centre of the park stands one of the oldest Belarusian towns, Braslav, first mentioned in the chronicles of the 11th century. The town is situated on a green hill of the northern bank of Drivyaty Lake.

The regional flora numbers more than 800 species of plants, about 20 of them listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus (as a species close to extinction). More than 30 species of fish including eel populate Braslav Lakes. Up to 35% percent of all the nesting birds in Belarus stay on the territory of the park. There are more than 217 species of game birds, which is 15% of the game reserve in Poozerye region. On the territory of the Braslav district live 52 species of mammals (badgers, lynxes, brown bears, squirrels, elks, wild boars, roes), 10 amphibious species and 5 species of reptiles.


Minsk – National Park “Braslav Lakes” – Minsk

6 days/ 5 nights


Day 1

Arrival at “Minsk-2” International Airport. Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance. Check-in at the 3-star hotel in the centre of the city. Meeting with “Belintourist” Management. Souvenirs. Spare time. Dinner


Day 2


Departure for the “Braslav Lakes” National Park, 250 km North–East from Minsk; it covers the area of Braslav Lakes with a total water surface of 183 sq. km. The Braslav Lakes region is peculiar for its unique aquatic ecosystem with a highly diverse fauna including relict species. The National Park centre is located in one of the ancient cities of Belarus Braslav, mentioned for the first time in the records in the beginning of the 11th century. The city is situated on the north bank of Drivyaty Lake Arrival at “Braslav Lakes”. Check-in at the “Drivyaty” tourist-centre (24 beds), situated on the scenic bank of Drivyaty Lake (double-, triplerooms)

Spare time: water-routs on the motor ship along Drivyaty Lake

Dinner. Disco. Evening fishing – for the amateurs of fishing


Day 3

Morning fishing – for the amateurs of fishing


Bus-tour of the “Braslav Lakes” National park including a visit to Braslav – one of the most ancient cities of Belarus (11th century), visit to the Museum-House of Handicrafts in Braslav. Tour of “Mayak” (“Lighthouse”) Mountain including visit to the site of ancient settlement, to Zamkovaya Mountain, Nespish Lake, Svyatso Lake, Strusto Lake, the spring of Okmenits

Water route to Chaichin island. Tour of Chaichin island includes a visit to the only inner island lake of Belarus, to the arboretum-group of junipers (their height is about 6–7 m), the exotic Karelian birch

Coming back to the “Drivyaty” tourist-centre. Russian baths. Dinner. Rest round a bonfire


Day 4

Morning fishing – for the amateurs of fishing


Tour of the “Braslav Lakes” National Park including a visit to the Slobodskaya Ridge. Visit to “The Heart of Jesus” – the Catholic church, one of the most beautiful temples of Braslav region Time at leisure (different types of routs are offered to tourists: car-riding, walking, water-ways, horse-back riding...). Farewell picnic on the lake bank. Departure for Minsk.

Arrival in Minsk. Check in at the hotel. Dinner.


Day 5

Breakfast, spare time

Lunch at the “Rakovsky Brovar” beer-restaurant

Visit to the Museum of Country Architecture And Life On The Open Air In Strochitsy (18 km from Minsk) displaying the original pieces of rural architecture from various regions of Belarus as well as numerous domestic utensils, articles of applied arts and agricultural implements used by the rural population in the past. Spare time. Farewell dinner


Day 6

Breakfast. Departure for “Minsk-2” International Airport