Minsk – National Park “Narochansky” – Minsk

“Narochansky” National Park was established in July, 1999. It is situated in the north-west of Belarus, 60 km from Minsk. The total area of the park is 94 000 hectares, which includes 37 000 hectares of forestland. There are 43 water reservoirs with total area of more than 18 000 hectares situated on its territory.

In the Naroch area the biggest number of the country’s pine forests are situated. On the territory of the national park there are three groups of lakes. The first group is the biggest lake in Belarus, Lake Naroch (width – 10 km, length – 13 km; average depth – 8,9 m, maximum depth – 24,8 m). Around 30% of the lake has a slightly sloping shallow water zone, so in the summer water temperatures reach 23-24 degrees Celsius. Near to Lake Naroch there are several lakes spread out across the area: Lake Myastro (1310 hectares), Lake Batorino (625 hectares) and Lake Rudakovo to the north-east. A good season for vacation by Lake Naroch lasts 240 days a year, and the lake has a swimming season of around 100 days. The Naroch area is also famous for its natural, high-quality mineral waters.

The place has good resort traditions. Several villas, a restaurant, a yacht-club and a pier for sailing boats as well as a narrow-gauge railway from Lyntupy Station were built along the banks of Lake Naroch in the first half of the 20th century. Nowadays, Lake Naroch accommodates the country’s biggest recreation resort complex (around 20 sanatoriums and holidays homes). The most renowned and popular of those are the Naroch Tourist Hotel and the Naroch Hotel, Narochansky Bereg Pension, Narochanka Tourist Base, and Priozerny Sanatorium. All of them work all-the-year-round. Because of the plenitude of architectural, cultural and historical monuments, as well as unique natural places of beauty, this area has many tourist excursion routes running through it.


11 days/ 10 nights

Day 1

Arrival at “Minsk-2” International Airport Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance Check-in at the 3-star hotel in the centre of the city Meeting with “Belintourist” Management. Souvenirs.

Spare time. Dinner


Day 2


Departure for the “Narochansky” NationalPark

Arrival at the “Narochansky” National Park, 180 km from Minsk. The North of Belarus is known as the country of lakes where Naroch Lake is certainly the most magnificent one. Having the surface of 80 sq. km and being more than 20 m deep, the lake is surrounded with pine forests and has sand beaches. This lake and other neighboring ones are enormously rich in fish like eel, trout, pike etc.

Check-in at the hotel. Spare time. Dinner


Days 3–10

The rest in the “Narochansky” National Park on the bank of Naroch Lake (sunbathing, walking routes, motor ship tour along the banks, etc.)

In one of the days we offer you to visit Polotsk – the oldest Belarusian city (founded 862) and the centre of old Slavic history and culture. Polotsk is famous for its 11th cent. St. Sophia Cathedral, Convent of St. Ephrosinia of Polotsk (12th century) a benefactress and matron Saint of Belarus, Saint-Ephrosinia Church (12th century) with beautiful frescoes and where the Cross of Ephrosinia – the national heritage is kept. Among other objects worth seeing is the Museum of Book-printing – one of the best in Europe; “The Stone of Boris” – the example of old Slavic culture, its weight is 25 tons; organ show in St. Sophia Cathedral. Tour of Polotsk includes all above-mentioned objects.


Day 11

Early breakfast. Departure for Minsk: for air tourist groups – transfer to “Minsk-2” airport. Check-in at the hotel for coach groups

Spare time. Dinner


Day 12 (for coach groups)

Breakfast. Departure for Brest