Minsk – National Park “Pripyatsky” – Minsk

“Pripyatsky” National Park is situated in the heart of the Belarusian Polesye (Woods), 250 km from Minsk. The State Landscape Hydrological Reserve on Pripyat River flood- lands was established in 1969 on the territory of Zhitkovichi, Petrikov and Lelchitsy districts of Gomel Oblast (Region). The park’s area has increased from an initial 61 700 hectares to 83 000 hectares. The main places of interest in the park are beautiful nature sites, such as River Pripyat with its huge flood-lands and the regularly flooded oak forests.

Among the park’s inhabitants are zubr (European bison). The area abounds with a variety of animals and fish; its cranberry fields which occupy around  500 hectares are unrivalled in the world. The park’s flora has been represented by 826 species of higher plants and more than 200 species of moss. All vegetation typical to the Polesye forests and bogs can be found here. The fauna of the national park numbers 45 species of mammals (zubr, badger, lynx, beaver, musk-rat, mink), plus 7 reptilian, 11 amphibious (bog turtle and cane toad among others), and 37 fish varieties (including starlet, pike). Something like 265 bird species occupy the flooded plains, and that includes 6 types of eagles, owl, eagle-owl, black stork, egrets and others.

The park’s administration resides in the township of Turov - is one of the oldest Slavic towns, the centre of a principality during the epoch of early feudalism. You have the chance to visit Turov’s museum of local folklore. There are also science laboratories, a nature museum and a hotel.


5 days/ 4 nights

Day 1

Arrival at “Minsk-2” International Airport. Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance. Check-in at the 3-star hotel in the centre of the city. Meeting with “Belintourist” Management. Souvenirs. Spare time. Dinner


Day 2


Departure for the “Pripyatsky” National Park (260 km South of Minsk; situated in the centre of Polesye, Belarusian lowlands. Crossed by numerous small rivers and spotted by 30 small lakes; the Park has a unique populace of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish. The headquarters of the National Park is located at Turov town, first mentioned in 980.

Arrival at the “Pripyatsky” National Park.

Check-in at the hotel (double-, triple – rooms)

Lunch (including the National cuisine)

Water route (the motor ship has all conveniences: a bar, a passengers’ – lounge) along the Pripyat river (May – September)



Day 3


Tour of the “Pripyatsky“ National Park including a visit to the unique oak-groves (including “the Tsar” oak; 37 m height), visit to the open-air cages with wild animals, visit to the Museum of Nature Picnic on the Pripyat bank. “ukha” (fish soup). Shashlik. Fishing – for the amateurs of fishing

Spare time. Dinner


Day 4


Departure for Minsk Arrival in Minsk. Check-in at the hotel

Sightseeing tour of Minsk including architectural, historical and cultural monuments of the 17th – 18th century’s historic part of the city – Trinity Suburb

Early dinner Evening cultural program: Belarusian ballet, opera performance, philharmonic society, circus ...


Day 5


Departure for “Minsk-2” International Airport