Minsk Sightseeing Tour

Minsk sightseeing tour

The tour acquaints with the 900 years’ history and culture of Minsk, as well as its present-day attractions. The tour includes visiting the place where Minsk was born, 11th century, its architectural monuments, and city-planning during the development at the time of the Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Rzecz Pospolita (the formation of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania), city rebirth after numerous wars and fires, development in the 19th -21st centuries.



Minsk sightseeing tour rounds the following places:

The Trinity suburb;

Isle of Tears;

The Upper town;

Roman-Catholic churches;

Orthodox churches;

Independence Square;

Victory Square. Individual sightseeing as pre-arranged with a translator/guide and driver.