Residing in Belarus at present there are representatives of Azerbaijanian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Kurd, Turk, and Tartar nationalities making up a total of 45,000 Moslems in Belarus including 12,500 Tartars who first settled in Belarus in the 14th cent.

The geographical location and the number of Moslem communities in Belarus keep on expanding. Thus, in 1997 there were 23 communities including 19 of those in the Western regions of Belarus.

In 1994, the First All-Belarusian Congress of Moslems was held. As a result, the Moslem Religious Community of the Republic of Belarus was founded. Ever since it has been headed by I. Aleksandrovich.

First mosques appeared on the territory of Belarus in the 14th – 15th cent.

In 1994, the Mosque in Slonim was opened, and in 1996 the one in Smilovichi.

In July 1997 in memory of the 600 anniversary of settlement of Tartars in Belarus, there took place a ceremony of opening a Mosque in Novogrudok.

In the 19th cent. the Mosque in the town of Ivye was built. It is considered a monument of the Belarusian wooden architecture.

Today there are 4 acting Mosques in Belarus and a 5th one is under construction. In 1997, the foundation stone was laid for a future Mosque in Minsk.


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