Among a number of Christian denominations, the Eastern Orthodox church prevails. The Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church founded in 1990 included 11 Dioceses.
In Belarus every of the ever existing religions left their spiritual and material heritage.
The traditional places of Orthodox pilgrimage are:
Zhirovitchy Monastery (200 km of Minsk) founded in the 15th century where in 1470 the image of the Holy Virgin with child appeared on a tree above a spring of water and 50 years later in stone. The water spring is venerated by Christians of all denominations.
Spaso-Ephrosinievsky Monastery in Polotsk (225 km of Minsk) was founded in the 12th cent. by Princess Ephrosinia who dedicated her entire life to the spiritual heroism of Christians. It was from Polotsk lands that Christianity started to spread in Belarus.
Transfiguration of the Saviour Church of the 12th cent., the relics of Ephrosinia of Polotsk, the first female saint canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in the 16th cent. are kept. In 1984, she was recognized as belonging to All Belarusian Saints. As ordered by Ephrosinia of Polotsk, a symbol Cross was made in the old Byzantine technique. A masterpiece of jewellery and a sacred object of the Orthodox, the Cross was lost during World War II. An exact duplicate of the Cross was made several years ago by a contemporary master. It was inlaid by the same precious stones and has the fragments of the initial relics and inscriptions.
In the City of Mogilev, the Orthodox believers venerate the 17th cent. St. Nicolas Church Complex. The Orthodox pilgrims also venerate the Konissky Bishop Memorial where in 1993 a Cross commemorating Georgiy Konissky, 18th cent. Mogilev Bishop and a great protector of Orthodox faith in Belarus, was erected.
In Minsk, at the 17th cent. Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, one can see one of the most venerated icons of the area – the image of Our Lady of Minsk. This image of the Mother of God walking on the waters was used as a symbol of the city and of that of Minsk diocese. The relics of St. Sophia of Slutsk are also kept at the same Cathedral.


Tours "Spiritual Sacred Values of Belarus" (For Orthodox Christianity Followers)