"Roman Catholicism in Belarus"


6 days/5 nights.

Day 1.

Arrival at "Minsk-2" International Airport, transfer to the chosen hotel, check-in at the hotel. Meeting with Catholic community representatives.



Day 2.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Travel to Nesvizh (130 km) – a former residence of the Radzivills – medieval Belarusian magnets. Nesvizh sightseeing tour, including the Palace and Castle Ensemble founded in the 16th century and built by Jan Maria Bernardoni, Corpus Dei Roman Catholic church (16th century) built also by Bernardoni, a patrimonial burial-vault for the Radzivills, Slutsk Gate (16th century), the Town Hall (16th –  17th century), Castle Gate Tower (16th century), Benedictine monastery (17th –  18th century)


Travel to Pinsk (110 km) – the city founded in the 11th century and famous for the abundance of architectural, historical and cultural monuments.Visit to the Roman-catholic church.

Check in at “Pripyat” hotel. Dinner.


Day 3.


Pinsk sightseeing tour, including St. Francis Catholic church and monastery (16th – 18th centuries), Jesuit Collegiums (17th century), Karl Baromey Catholic Church (18th century), St. Barbara church (18th century). Meeting with members of Catholic community.


Travel to Grodno (310 km) – the city of Belarus founded in the 11th century and ranking today as the city number one in its authentic planning and having a lot of historical monuments. Visit to the Roman-Catholic church.

Check-in at the hotel in the center of the city. Dinner.


Day 4.


Grodno sightseeing tour, including Old Castle (14th century), New Castle (18th century), Jesuit Catholic church (17th century) with a carved alter. Meeting with Roman-Catholic Community.

Lunch. Transfer to Minsk.

Check-in at the hotel. Dinner.


Day 5.

Early Breakfast.

Travel to Budslav (156 km) – the place for catholic pilgrimage since the 16th century. Budslav sightseeing tour including Bernardine Catholic church where a wooden alter is preserved and Sacred Icon of Budslav God Mother, declared the patron of Belarus by the Pope of Rome in 1992, is being kept. Metting with the Catholic Community.

Transfer to Minsk (founded in 1067).Minsk sightseeing tour with accent on Catholic churches and place, visiting the place, where the city was born (11th century), the Upper town (16th – 18th centuries), the Trinity suburb (19th century); Isle of Tears, Independence Square (20th century) and others.Visit to the Catholic Church.



Day 6.

Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to the “Minsk-2” International  Airport for your departure flight.